Monday, December 6, 2010

Let That Be A Lesson To All of You …

When I first heard this story, I had to immediately turn to my favorite website (YouTube) and see it for myself. A mascot arrested? Both hilarious and unnecessary … but that is what went down at the University of Cincinnati this weekend.

The Bearcat – aka Robert Garfield, III – decided to take advantage of the weekend snow fall and throw snowballs at Pitt fans during Saturday’s Cincinnati-Pittsburgh football game (final score: 28-10 Pitt). Police approached Garfield and asked him to stop. When he refused, he was asked to leave the area with the police officers … he then resisted and was placed under arrest. I think the Bearcat taught us all a valuable lesson this weekend – just because you have a huge foam head, doesn’t mean you are above the law. Respect the blue, baby.

My favorite part of this story is that after Garfield was dragged off to the UC Athletic Department offices (he was not taken to jail), he was replaced by the “backup mascot”. Hahaha. Imagine being this kid? Just waiting all season for your moment to shine and then boom! Lake-effect snow comes to town and it’s show time.  Cue the 8 Mile soundtrack …

Garfield has been charged with disorderly conduct.

Random fact: earlier this year, the Bearcat won the title of Capital One National Mascot of the Year after edging out Bill the Goat (US Naval Academy) in the championship round. Oh how the mighty have fallen …

[T1AOB sidenote: How great are the comments being recorded in the background? “Don’t taze me bro” … bahaha. Well played! And how about that bimbo yapping the whole time in the background? “You guys should stop recording it, it’s really not that funny”. Are you kidding me? This is the definition of funny. Football games are no place for a pedestal, sweetheart.] 

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