Thursday, March 24, 2011

Celtics Lose Lead In The 4th, Fall To The Memphis Grizzlies

With 26 seconds remaining in the game, down by 1 point, Rajon Rondo grabs his 11th rebound of the game and pushes the ball down the court … Doc Rivers assumed he would find Paul Pierce in transition. Celtics fans were anticipating a dish from RR that would result in the go-ahead basket. Unfortunately, that is not how it played out …

Instead, Rondo drove to the hoop himself and missed. In hindsight, Doc said he should have called a timeout. But that’s thing about hindsight – it’s always 20/20.

In the end, it all came down to Paul Pierce who made an off-balance and desperate attempt to hit the trey at the buzzer and force overtime. The shot missed, the Memphis Grizzlies won with the final score of 90-87 and Tony Allen cued up an over-the-top celebration with enough fist-pumps to make the cast of Jersey Shore take notice.
With about three weeks left of the regular season, this is not the time to be experiencing late-game collapses and/or offensive struggles. Obviously, the major roster overhaul a month ago has created a serious disruption in team chemistry – however – with 12 games remaining on the schedule, the Celtics need to figure out how to remedy these issues. And quickly.

The Cs, who are 50-20 after last night, have lost five of their last nine and currently trail the Chicago Bulls by a full game for the top seed in the Eastern Conference. Fortunately, they still own a 1.5 game advantage over the Miami Heat.

Boston returns to action tomorrow night against the Charlotte Bobcats (28-42) at home before setting out on a four-game road trip.

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