Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Max Pacioretty vs A Stanchion at the Bell Centre

Yikes. And I thought 'Death at the Garden' would have been an appropriate headline after the Celtics trades last month. But look at Zdeno Chara proving me wrong ...

The chatter has been non-stop since Max Pacioretty got mangled against the center glass last night - but if you look at this clip above, you can see that this was not the malicious hit that it, at first glance, appears to be. It's clearly interference - which is why Chara goes to the box - but other than that, it's really just a matter of wrong place/wrong time for Pacioretty. Obviously, Habs fans are calling this retaliation for the scuffle that ensued the last time the Bs traveled to Montreal ... but I'm not sure that argument holds water. These two may not like each other (that's obvious) but that does not mean that there was intent to injure on this play. A suspension would be an egregious overreaction by the League.

(This should go without saying, but we here at T1AOB hope that Pacioretty is okay, recovers fully and is ready to meet this team again in the playoffs. As of this morning, he was able to successfully move all of his extremities.)

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