Monday, January 23, 2012

Twitter Tantrum: Niners Fans Take Things Way Too Far

Much like Billy Cundiff in the AFC Championship, Kyle Williams, the 49ers' second-year wide receiver, has become the official scapegoat of the NFC... and San Francisco fans are taking things a bit too far. 

For those of you who missed it, Williams made two costly mistakes against the Giants last night and contributed to his team's 17-20 loss against the odious New York Giants.  The first error came early in the fourth quarter when Williams decided not to field a punt - but, for whatever reason, did not decide to move away from the bouncing ball (punt returning 101: not fielding it? back the f**k up).  It hit his knee and was scooped up by NY's Devin Thomas, which later resulted in a go-ahead touchdown for the Giants.  William's second mistake came on a punt return (again) in OT when, after making the catch, he ran for 5-yards and then had the ball stripped by Jacquian Williams.  Thomas (again) made the recovery and the Giants stamped their ticket to the Super Bowl with a 31-yard field goal from Lawrence Tynes.

It goes without saying that this guy will be on suicide watch for the foreseeable future (as will, more than likely, Baltimore's Billy Cundiff) but the reaction he has gotten from San Francisco fans is absolutely disgusting. Williams has received countless death threats and hate Tweets from a bunch of e-thugs in the Bay Area who blame him entirely for the loss.  Some highlights include:

E-Thug #1 Kyle Williams Threat 

E-Thug #2 Kyle Williams Threat 

E-Thug #3 Kyle Williams Threat

I find it worth noting that the last text was actually written by a female, was just one of about five tweets directed at Williams and was the nicest of all of them.  Between the tweets and that Twitter handle, only two words come to mind: bum b*tch. (I heard that on an episode of Basketball Wives and have been dying to work it into a normal conversation).

Obviously, no one is expecting SF fans to be happy about the outcome - but to send death threats?  Come on.  It's not like Alex Smith had a particularly good game.  In fact, with the exception of Vernon Davis, the whole team was pretty dismal.  And they knew it.  In post-game comments defensive tackle Justin Smith stated, "we win together, we lose together, so that's how we do that."

Time for Niners fans to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and sign off of Twitter.

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